We had published addon ofxKuZed for working with StereoLab ZED camera in openFrameworks: https://github.com/kuflex/ofxKuZed

ZED camera is a passive stereo camera, allowing to obtain depth data on sunlight at distance 20 meters.

Addon’s features

  • It wraps all basic camera settings such as resolution, fps and depth computing quality
  • It provides CPU-access to:
    • left and right rectified RGB images (as ofPixels, ofTexture)
    • depth data in millimeters (as ofFloatPixels, ofPixels, ofTexture)
    • point cloud with colors (as vectors of ofPoint and ofColor)
  • It uses “lazy” updating of all pixel arrays and textures: they are updated only by request to save CPU resources.
  • It includes an example zedExample, demonstrating work with RGB and depth images, and point cloud from camera.

Screenshots from addon’s example zedExample

Drawing left and right images, depth map, and left image, masked by depth values:


Drawing point cloud:



The addon is based on

To readers

If you find our addon useful, or you get troubles when installing it, please let us know!

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