OpenMR (Open Mixed Reality) is a Kuflex initiative on creating open source collection of applications, protocols and libraries for creating a wide range of interactive projects. Such projects could involve depth cameras, eye trackers and other kinds of sensors, as well as projectors, sound devices and other peripherals.

The paradigm behind the OpenMR is creating an unified set of tools
allowing simple and rapid developing cutting-edge interactive installations and media performances, as well as visualization and sonification tools for scientific research.

The main aim of the project is to incite artists, programmers and engineers create large-scale digital interactive projects in order to make our life full of art – interactive art, sound art, interactive light art.

Tecnhical features:

  • Core of OpenMR consists of a libraries for unified access to the sensor devices as well as networking.
  • Also OpenMR includes libraries for fusing real and digital worlds by calibrating sensors.
  • Also, OpenMR contains addons and plugins for specific visualization and sound generation using openFramewors, Unreal Engine, Processing, Python and Pure Data.
  • Finally, OpenMR includes full-fledged applications for simplifying usage of depth cameras, video mapping and sound-art projects.

Currently OpenMR is a set of DLL’s and tools for Windows only.