We had developed Kuntroller – app for live performances, which lets you capture, transform and send data from OSC, MIDI, Joystick, keyboard and mouse.

It’s written in openFrameworks by Kuflex, and available for Windows and OSX.

Install in Windows

  • Go to install-win folder.
  • Install vc-redist to run.
  • Install loopMIDI by Tobias Erichsen to create virtual midi-port.
  • Now you can run the app.

Virtual MIDI port (midiout_dev = virtual) works only in OSX. In Windows run loopMIDI and use it port.

Installing on OSX

Just unzip and use. For sending data via midi you can create virtual MIDI port (midiout_dev = virtual).


  • File data/patch/patch.ini sets patch scheme. To changes take effect, you need to restart the app.
  • Keys 1,2 switches pages Settings and Patch.
  • Key TAB switches between board and unit edit (at page Patch)
  • Cursor keys and [,],{,}, as well as mouse edit params.

Note: when changing OSC and MIDI parameters in Settings, you may need to restart the app to changes take effect (though we try to do it dinamically).